The Best Pancakes in East London.

The avocado - the green fruit that  revolutionized brunches across London and apparently caused the housing crisis for an entire generation...ahem. Powerful stuff for one small ingredient hailing from down under.

But has it's time as trendy Brunch staple come to an end? Maybe a victim of it's own success, the fact you can now buy them in your local Lidl makes paying £8.50 for something I can just make at home much less appealing.

Now, pancakes on the other hand...

Fluffy, indulgent and far less sophisticated than it's antipodean rival, the all-American breakfast is making a comeback and I am just a little bit obsessed. Yeah I know, they aren't cool, they are ridiculously unhealthy and really meant for children who don't yet have such refined tastes for the likes of poached eggs and salmon.


It's time we stopped taking ourselves and brunch so seriously so here are five East London spots where you can do exactly that.

1). The Market Cafe

With just the one pancake option on the menu, there isn't a lot of choice but the two huge fluffy servings drizzled in maple syrup and topped with creme fraiche and delicate cinnamon apples are so delicious, that you wouldn't want to choose anything else. It's perfect for winter too, the flavours combining to re-create a warming apple pie in pancake form.

Also you can come and pretend you are the cool-in-a-quirky way middle-aged mum (Sharon) who just gives no fucks about what others think of her from Catastrophe. Yeah Catastrophe. You know, the witty comedy full of sarcastic one liners with Sharon Horgan and Rob Delany set in London Fields? Just watch it and THEN you'll see. You'll be there eating your pancakes, channeling  your inner Sharon.

Pancakes: 8/10.
Price: £8.50
Value for Money: 8/10

2). Breakfast Club

From the moment I stepped foot into my first Breakfast Club I fell completely head over heels with the tongue-in cheek 70's vibe that refused to take life too seriously. From neon signs claiming "sex drugs and bacon rolls" to the vast array of openly bad-for-you breakfast items like the HUGE "Elvis Waffle" stack and breakfast burrito - London could breath a sigh of relief -  Brunch was FUN and it was here to stay.

And what's more fun than a not-for the faint hearted stack of thick, fluffy pancakes piled high with whipped cream and berries. It's so big you might just have to take some of it home for later....

Of course, it's not just limited to those two ingredients. Pancake fiends are spoilt for choice when it comes to what to smother your pancakes in.

PS. looking for a Breakfast Club without the mile long queue? Head to the one in Hackney Wick overlooking the canal!

Pancakes: 9/10
Price: £9.50
Value for Money: 8/10

3). Cafe Miami

Cafe Miami brings chilled american vibes to Clapton via this perfectly pastel brunch spot. Laid back tunes, sun streaming in through the huge windows, it's the only place you want to be on a lazy Sunday.

But it's far more than just great instagram material, the menu is a batter -based american dream with pancakes and waffles galore (they even do homemade pop-tarts!). I went for the classic combo of banana and Nutella. Who ever realised those two went together is a genius. Despite having to wait a little while for the food (the small space was filled to the brim with millennial, 20-something women) - it was worth it.

A delicate stack but delicious,  the generous Nutella defeated me in the end so I did classic me and had to take some home with me.

Pancakes: 7/10
Price: £8.50
Value for Money: 7/10

4). The Diner

The most generous and most american of the lot, the Diner is definitely the best in terms of value for money. Just make sure you are VERY VERY hungry when you go because this is one hell of a pancake feast.

Ignoring the fact that I had only watched my friends run a half marathon and didn't take part myself, I thought I would support them by partaking in the post-race re-fuel by ordering the most insanely huge pancake options EVER in the history of pancakes.

Brace yourselves. It is a monster of a thick, fluffly pancake stack alongside two poached eggs, bacon a helping of potato rostis (their version of hash browns) and a selection of melon and grapes to balance out the sheer abundance of unhealthiness. Safe to say some of that dish made it's way home with me.

Truly impressed by the sheer volume of food AND the deliciousness, I would recommend The Diner for anyone looking for some true pancake indulgence (or for somewhere to refuel after running 13.1 miles).

Pancakes: 10/10
Price: £9.50
Value for Money: 10/10

5). The Pavilion Cafe

In an idyllic setting by the lake in the lovely Victoria Park (just because I live 5 minutes away does not make me bias) this is pancakes with a view at The Pavilion Cafe. The same people behind Pavilion Bakery (amazing sourdough bread and homemade peanut butter) this spot, although most suited for a summer's day can be quite nice during a warm-ish Autumn/Winter weekend.

If you miss the few tables inside, wrap up warm and take one of the coveted seats overlooking the lake. It might be chilly but that's nothing a rich, hot chocolate can't sort out. Although, if you are having pancakes I'd probably recommend a coffee or tea instead because that is going to be a LOT of sugar.

Going for width rather than height, these large fluffy pancakes are slightly more refined than your average boisterous stack. But in no way are they any less tasty or indulgent, oozing with ample lashings of maple syrup and enough creme fraiche dolloped on top to block an artery. Last but not least, Pavilion's Pancakes are topped with home-made peanut-brittle. SO,MUCH.SUGAR.

Ah well at least you can then go and walk some of it off around the park.

Pancakes: 9/10
Price: £8.50
Value for Money: 9/10

DISCLAMER: these pancakes were on the menu during summer but when we went a couple of weeks ago the topping was a more wintery baked apple. HOWEVER it was slightly disappointing compared to amazingness of last time with the size of the pancakes shrinking, waaay too much maple syrup and bland- apples (this was my boyfriend's review as he was the one who ordered them). So if anyone goes can you let me know how yours were?

Enjoy your pancake  brunch fun!