Hackney Coffee Company - the best coffee shop in Hackney?

I’m a simple girl.

Give me a good book, a coffee shop and a free Sunday afternoon and It’ll probably be a great day.
And although in these post-student days, I rarely seem to have an afternoon all to myself, I’m definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to getting my “artisan” coffee fix.

But despite the overwhelming choice of really really good coffee – you know, the ones where they do the latte art and talk about tasting notes and other pretentious things –  I don’t feel like they are very while-away-an-afternoon friendly.

More often I find myself in a stripped back, hard wooden seats kind of establishment that makes sure you give your unreserved attention to a coffee that has been so carefully curated it could be a work of art.

Or a place that has become a victim of it’s own success and you can’t even get in the door, let alone get a seat.

But what if I just want to catch up with some friends, relax with a book or just escape from the madness that is a 20- something’s life in London.

(it’s pretty cray cray out here).

Is it too much to ask to get the best coffee AND have a relaxing time?

Hackney Coffee Company doesn’t think so.

In a world of artisan coffee snobbery, it’s refreshingly small, but cosy with homely touches.
Even the layout is more house-like than coffee shop with a small downstairs area occupied mainly by the bar and one or two places to perch, with stairs leading to a not-so-secret hideaway room with space to relax.

Behind a bookcase that is always open (hence the not so secret side) this little room is decked out  like a slightly eccentric friend’s rather indulgent living room. Rich red wallpaper adorns the wall, luxurious carpet covers the floor, there are two huge brown leather armchairs taking up one wall and even a grammar phone. This grandeur décor - an homage to the traditional coffee houses where great things and writing were done – makes for an inspiring place to write or be creative and this other-worldliness, surrounded by books makes it the perfect atmosphere for unwinding over a flat white.

And for the moment – it still seems to be a relatively hidden secret. Maybe it’s just the time of day but every time I’ve visited, it’s always been fairly quiet, in a good rather than a completely empty kind of way.

And most importantly, Hackney Coffee Company makes perfect coffee every.single.time.
It packs a powerful punch – just how I like my coffee – and manages to do so without the bitterness, keeping it’s rich, full bodied flavour.

I couldn’t tell you what blend or anything that technical but they do roast their own and that’s pretty cool and I think any coffee shop that has it’s own coffee deserves some extra attention.

They do light food too, like sandwiches and various pastries and treats that seem to change daily. I’ve never had them myself but they do look really yummy and whatever they post on their Instagram always looks delicious.

So if I ever have the luxury of a free afternoon that I can just hole up in a coffee shop and read to my heart’s content or just need some time away from the world – Hackney Coffee Shop is the one that I pick.

You can find it on Bethnal Green road, but don’t tell too many people – let's keep it our little secret.

Coffee 9/10
Atmosphere 9/10
Chance of getting a seat 9/10

Price £2.70 Flat White, £2.90 Latte/Cappuccino.