Grad Life in London: Surviving the first week.

I did it.

I actually did it.

I survived my first week of big, scary adult life in London.

Somehow I managed to pull myself through the first couple of terrifying, confusing days of self-doubt, exhaustion (the mornings were a killer) and just general feelings of I don't think I can do this London thing.

Thankfully, my year abroad had taught me something about new beginnings and I knew that this was just a temporary state. I would eventually find my feet, find routine and not wake up at 5am in a panic that I had overslept.

I knew that I would also eventually remember my way around the huge and seemingly illogical office, that walking from my desk to the tea station (very important obviously) and to lunch and back would soon be so natural it was automatic.

Interns and other people on my team would no longer be a sea of faces but names I could remember and I would figure out where it was that the free breakfast cereal and fruit were hiding (perks of the jobs guys what can I say).

And so at the start of what is my second week I can say that I think I'm getting into the swing of things.

I've got my commute down to a T- gaining those crucial minutes by knowing where to stand in the tube and have even developed that deep Londoner hatred of 1. slow, dawdling tourists and 2. if the tube has to wait for more than even 1 minute at a station.

I also have a new admiration for the poor guys in suits who have to get the central line to work. It aint pretty.

I have had my first weekend here as a non-tourist which was a nice chilled mix of market wanderings, free Ben and Jerry's (highlight of the day of course) and in general just being very relaxed and lazy because when you work 9 - 5 (or in my case 9.30 - 5.30) there is zero guilt in sitting on your bum all day watching back to back episodes of Catastrophe (really really funny by the way).

^ did I mention this was FREE? 

And although I got a case of the Sunday feeling on err well Sunday - it was a weird kind of melancholy that I think really only came from the fact that I didn't want to have to wake up to an alarm at 7.30am.

Because actually, work is kinda exciting - yeah I know I haven't been worn down by routine yet e.t.c but the wealth of information being thrown at me is very very interesting indeed.

Totally overwhelming of course- that first day I think I went into shock- and I have so so much to learn (no surprise a language degree does not help you in the world of marketing and media) but there are so many levels and things to discover that I don't think it will be possible to ever get bored. (Hopefully).

And even though I don't actually have anywhere proper to live yet (my friend is amazing and letting me sleep on her sofa bed) it feels good to be in London, to be working and learning and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Now, to just make sure I don't spend all my money on coffee and food at hipster cafes in East London.

That's the real challenge here.

^ how do I not buy all of this??!!