The Realities of Final Year

Oh my  it's been an awful long time hasn't it?

I'm sorry for neglecting you, poor little blog but you know, there's this thing called *gulp


It's just sort of taken over my life, like literally.

It seems like there's a never ending list of homework (yes being a language student I get homework yay!), reading- that somehow we are meant to read in a week even though it's 20 pages long and in academic German (hard to get your head around when you spent the summer reading Austria's equivalent of the metro) and on top of this I'm the social sec of the German Society which means organising stuff and going to said stuff. 

ANNNNNNND trying to apply to jobs at the same time which takes up the best part of the day (for me at least anyway).

So that was very moany and I'm sorry but life is so hectic these days. I'm just not used to it.

It's a bit of a shock to the system when you spend the last 4 months of your year abroad basically on a cushy holiday in the nicest city in Europe (not bias at all ahem) being PAID an actual wage where you actually have money left over to indulge in other having your cake and eating it (quite literally in Vienna).

Then, of course I went to Asia where I didn't have a care in the world...apart from of course the usual getting lost/what on earth am I eating/how do I use this toilet? 


But I guess at some point I was always going to have to come back to the real world. 

Just that I've crash landed and am still recovering from the injuries.

On the bright side us (hardworking) language students get a week off next week and I.CANT.WAIT. 

I did consider hopping on a plane and going back to lovely old Wien (Vienna in German durr) but alas final year and so I'll be busy doing work then.

No, really I will.

I've been spoilt and I know it, but please bear with me while I try and cope under the mountain of work. I'll try not to moan (too much) and instead feed my nostalgia with posts about Bangkok and Vietnam.

And hopefully by the end I'll have a decent degree! And then I can travel the world to my hearts content! 

A girl can dream ok?