A Vienna update: Sun, Radlers and a whole lotta mountains.

So the other day I checked when I had last written a post and was horrified to discover it was over 2 months ago!!

Like, how did that happen?

Time is just going way too fast here in Wien. I mean, I've only got just over a month left... of my entire year abroad!

I can't believe I'm actually saying that! I mean, I know it was inevitable but it's just one of those hazy things in the distant future, that you don't think about until suddenly it's just around the corner and somehow you have to come to terms with it.

Oh "coming to terms" with it sounds a bit dramatic doesn't it? But I just really don't want this to end!
(and I am mildy terrified of going back to Uni and being a *deep breath* final year).

Anyway, enough about the end, I think I can put off those thoughts for at least another few weeks.

What exactly have I been up to? (aka my excuses for not blogging).

Well, for a start, I've been enjoying the lush weather Vienna has finally decided to give us. It was kind of weird, we seemed to skip spring and fall head first into summer. One day I was wearing my thick black coat, fluffy hood up being all eskimo and the next I was sipping Radler ( like shandy but not shandy because it tastes nice) in the park.

And guess what? Vienna is so much better in the Summer! Forget the Christmas markets, chilling by the Donau canal is where it's at!

Or even on the canal.

just chilling in a Pedalo
Not to mention the explosion of Ice cream shops as the hotter weather creeps in.

Eis Greissler- best Ice cream in Vienna!

And there are some amazing ones, even rivaling Italian Geleterias (and I lived there for 7 months so I know what I'm talking about!). Better watch your back Italy!

And the best thing about being an English TA, is that you can actually enjoy the sunny weather because you've only got 13 hours of work a week! Which is such a novelty because usually this time of year I'm stuck doing revision or an essay.

But not this time, my days are as carefree as...well as someone who only works 13 hours a week!

Just some cocktails, as you do
It really is the perfect job - well apart from when you turn up at school at 8am and they "forgot" to tell you that the lesson is cancelled. Cue onset of British politeness: Oh no, it's fine really I didn't mind getting up at 6.30am FOR NOTHING.

But really I can't complain, when I spend the majority of my days doing this:

Radler again, the only "beer" I'll dirnk

And eating my weight in food.

Like at the Genuss Festival.(Austrian Food festival)

"fancy" food made by hofer (aka aldi)

Decorate your own Lebkuchen- for children but we still did it!

FYI all of that was consumed in one day! (plus an ice-cream)

Becoming a coffee conisseur.

Going to a free music concert in Schoenbrunn! With the one and only Vienna Philharmonic orchestra.

And visiting beautiful Austrian  cities towns. Ones where mountains stare down at you.

The Tyrol

View from Imst, in the Tyrol
the very schoen Salzburg!

And as if this wasn't wonderful enough, next week is going to get a whole lot more exciting because as of tomorrow all the Eurovision stuff begins! Now, I'm by no means a massive fan, but you can't help getting a teeny bit excited, especially since I'm actually going to watch one of the shows! And I will be right in the midst of the madness when I volunteer at the Great Britiain stand in the Eurovision village. Fingers crossed on spotting some celebs!

I just hope we don't do too terribly this year, cus it's going to be embarrassing in a crowd full of Austrians with the Union Jack on my face when nobody votes for us.

Hopefully I'll have time to do a proper post on that because there's bound to
be some crazy story to tell of that-time-I-was-in-Austria-for-Eurovision.

And I will get round to doing some proper posts on all my travels at some point.
But until then...I'll be having plenty more fun in the sun!