A lazy Sunday in Nottinghill

A lazy sunday is the best kind of sunday, dont ya think?

And nothing feels lazier (and better) than just rolling out of bed and tucking into a full english breakfast; especially when someone else makes it for you.

But I wanted to go somewhere a bit nicer than your greasy spoon cafe or AKA Wetherspoons.

I'd heard about this lil place called Granger and Co. in Nottinghill (thanks to a couple of blogs).

Rumour has it, its the place for brunch.

So I begged James to let us go there.

I had to argue my case for trekking all the way to Nottinghill, mentioning the famous Portobello road, with the quirky shops, explaining we could awe at the pretty/expensive houses and the small fact that the film Nottinghill was set here!

I thought this was the perfect setting for a lazy Sunday!
After I assured him that despite being slightly fancy, he could still get his English Breakfast here, the deal was done.

We were going to be brunchin' with the sophisticated folk of Nottinghill. all the yummy mummies, fashionistas and maybe a famous face or too?


We arrived outside where there was a bit of a queue but thats only a good sign right?

We waited, for a while. nervously checking our watch as it crept closer to 12 because we thought thats when Brunch was finito.
...and i had promised James the breakfast.
...and i was getting pretty hungry.
Finally after 30 mins of nailbiting waiting, we were finally in!
A quick look at the menu showed us that breakfast things were still served after 12.
panic. over.

But at least the wait had given me time to make up my mind on what I was going to have.
so many yummy things!
I'd heard the ricotta hotcakes were pretty hot. (see what i did there?)
I wasn't entirely sure what they were but was pleasantly surprised to discover they were sweet and fluffy, like american pancakes. These are normally my go to choice when eating breakfast out, so I was pretty happy!
They came with Bananas, (which obviously means it's healthy) and maple syrup in a pot to drizzle at lesiure over the hotcakes.

But as always, the sugary sweetness gets a little bit too much and I very sadly had to leave some.

James' breakfast looked awesome and the bit of sourdough bread I pinched was delicious! Even the scrambled eggs were perfect and they're very hard to get right.

Of course our Brunch wouldn't be complete without a pot of tea.

But it wasn't just the food that was great it was the service too. As a person who is constantly thirsty, not having to ask for some tap water or ask for it to be topped up was a dream come true!

And although it was quite obviously busy it wasn't hectic or noisy and we were left to relax for as long as we liked after we had finished eating until we rather sleepily rolled out around 2pm to begin our (much needed) stroll around Nottinghill.

We started in Westbourne Grove, where Granger and Co. is - definately the poshest bit of Nottinghill. The pretty pastel-coloured street is lined with boutiques and independant eateries where fellow Sunday brunchers were still relaxing, meaning the place was busy but still slighty sleepy.

The perfect equation for happiness.

We walked the entire length of Portobello road which felt like miles!

Looking out for sights along the way and occasionally popping into shops for a browse.

The door from the film!
There are all kinds of weird and wonderful things on sale here.

As the afternoon drew to a close and the light began to dim we knew it was time for the only thing a dark wintery afternoon calls for...tea and cake.

To rest our weary legs we found Kitchen and Pantry. A warm, snug place with great oak tables and huge sinking brown leather sofas.

It was so nice to sit in a coffee shop, with a comfy seat for how ever long you wanted. I've really missed our "coffee shop culture" being in Italy. Italians just tend to neck their espresso at the bar and often you even have to pay extra to sit down!

I went for hot chocolate with all the trimmings, because as you know I just can't get it over here.
We were naughty and had the homemade gooey chocolate brownie too.

When we could finally tear ourselves away from get out of the sofa it was time to head home.

My Sunday in Nottinghill had been just as I had hoped for: relaxing, full of naughty food and just that little bit posh and of course,  I got to spend it with my favourite person.