A visit to London: rooftop bars.

This little trip to visit the boyfriend happened a while ago now and soon I will be returning to England for Christmas (two weeks, can't bloody wait!) but this was such a good weekend that I can't not Blog about it.

I mean it's LONDON.

And London. is. awesome.

Ok so I may be glamorizing slightly as I don't live there (not yet anyway, Graduation plans involve moving to the big ol' city) but when you're at a bar with this view...

It's hard not to believe you're in one of the coolest cities in the world.

But before starting our sophisticated evening we were as far away from glamorous as you could get because we had lunch at...


Yep that's right, I had given the honor of my first English meal in 5 months to a Portuguese restaurant.

But I don't regret it one bit and I'll proudly admit, I'm one those people who has the card and everything.

Turns out I just really missed having my spicy plain chicken burger and spicy rice whilst being in Italy. It had become a bit of a habit back in Bath, featuring in many spontaneous after-German-lecture trips, which definitely called for some kind of cheering up afterwards.

Portuguese music + Chicken = happiness (obvs).

But Nandos was just one of the little things that added up to me missing England a lot, more than I had ever  imagined I would.

I guess I'm more British than I think (I'm actually

half Italian).

Very kindly James (that's my boyfriend by the way - should probably mention his name now) took the afternoon off work so we could have a wander around London together. (also handy for working off that Nandos).

I had a little tour of where he works, which is huuuuge and amazing because it looks out over the Thames, and has free "posh" tea in the waiting area (you know, those teabags that aren't just made from paper).

not a bad place to work!
any tea in a box is definitely posh!
I have to say it all made me incredibly jealous and all the more desperate to get a job in London when I graduate.

We wandered along the Thames, making the most of an unexpected beautiful, sunny day, on our way to catch the Poppies at the Tower of London before they all got whisked away.

We were just in time.

A striking red sea of 800,000.

I imagined what they represented...a chilling thought.

We headed back along the river to the first of the rooftop bars!

The Roof Terrace in One New Change shopping centre right by St.Pauls.

We didn't actually by a drink here (saving the pennies for the main event) so I can't tell you if they do good cocktails, but I can show you the view.

And they are totally fine with it if you have absolutely no intention of buying a drink. so if you fancy London from the rooftops for free...

But it got better because the next bar we were heading to was in the shard!

Aqua on the 31st floor.

Unfortunately it seemed like everyone else had the same idea.
(seriously who in London is Free at 5pm on a friday?!)

We waited patiently , as good Brits do, people-watching the rich guests of the hotel next door, wondering what life would be like in that world. I found myself dreamily thinking one day.

Just as we were beginning to despair we got to the front and were let through to the lift that would take us up to the bar. 

Cool point #1. Bar has its own lift. 

31 floors in less than 10 seconds. My ears popped it was so fast.

Cool point #2. Super fast lift.

Then we were there. 

We stepped out into the dimly lit bar, the almost darkness drawing our eyes immediately to the thousands of twinkling lights outside. 

We were floating above the city, the whole of London spread out before us in an uninterrupted, breath taking view through the floor to ceiling glass windows.

It was difficult not to stand and gawp with my mouth open,  but I don't think that was very appropriate in this kind of place so I tried to contain my amazement (and excitement in being in the coolest bar ever).

I pretended I was a sophisticated laaaady,  a cool Londoner, despite my clear lack of appropriate clothing (James handily has to wear a suit to work so he was fine). 

view from the Bathroom
But I blew my cover when I got excited about the possibility of drinking a cocktail from a coconut.

Technically it wasn't even an option.

I had been umming and ahhhing over the cocktail menu , indecisive as ever , when I spotted a coconut with a straw on the side.

"I'll have the coconut one".

But we couldn't find it on the menu. cue me asking James in best girlfriend voice, to ask the man about the coconut.

"I'm sorry we're not actually selling that one yet".

He must've seen the disappointment in my face because he offered to make it... especially for me . 

I can proudly say I was the very first customer ever to try the winter pina colada at the Shard bar.
( I really hope he meant it when he said that)

That felt amazing.

I couldn't stop going on about it the whole night.

I imagined this is what life as a celebrity would be like. or a "real" blogger.

The cocktail itself was amazing, created by Mr. barman himself, it was a pina colda with a jagermeister twist for warming the heart on a cold wintery day.

Not to mention it was also strong- how all good cocktails should be.

Unfortunately we had to stand for the evening because the bar was packed but it didn't matter because I had my coconut and my boyfriend and the amazing views of London (definitely not in order of importance...).

Its times like these I really want to live in London.

You've got to dream big right?

We finished the night, feet firmly on the ground, back in reality at the Real Greek restaurant in Westfield.

I'd never been here before, as I can't say Greek food is my first choice (normally it's Italian but that was off the menu, seeing as I have that every day now) but I would definitely go back again! 

We chose the sharing menu (it's a bit like La Tasca and the tapas where you pick from a few options).

It came stacked up like this. 

Not only was it super yummy but there was also live Greek music so it felt really authentic.

From London to Greece in an Evening!

What a day!