Thoughts on October

(This picture represents thinking ok? because it's all looking into the distance and stuff)

I can’t believe it’s October!


Where did September go?! One minute it was August and the height of Summer…the next it’s the 1st of October and nearly winter! Well ok there are a few more months to go until we start digging out the thick wolly jumpers and wrapping up in scarves, but those long summer nights are definitely over. Finito.  And it will be a whole year until we see them again. *sob.

However, the main reason I’m making such a big deal over October is… *drum roll please

because it marks the halfway mark of my time here in Italy!

That calls for another ahh! moment.

Even though it feels like I have been here foreeeever, I still can’t believe I’ve already made it to this point. And crazy to think that in another 3 months and a bit, I’ll be packing my bags and starting all over again…again. New country, new culture, new people.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves because since time has started to whizz by, it’s dawned on me how

quickly the next few months could slip by. Especially since I have plans for lots of the weekends now with visits from my mum, boyfriend and going back to England (oh how I have missed you!).

Before I know it, it will be Christmas!It was just like Lucy said, at first it will be slow but then all of a sudden it flies by and you’re saying Goodbye and moving back to England! (although thankfully I’m not at this point just yet).

With all this in mind I am more determined than ever to see and experience as much as possible.So I’ve made a list of all the places I haven't been and want to visit:

  • Verona     
  • Florence
  • Turin
  • Genoa
  • Switzerland (I can get there in less than 2 hours from Monza so why not?)

(If you have any more recommendations than please feel free to share)

Now I won’t beat myself up if I don’t get everything ticked off but putting it down in writing I hope will mean I’m more likely to do it. Hopefully some people will want to come exploring with me. If not, you know what?  I’ll just go by myself.  

because well YOLO.

No but seriously, it all comes from something that someone said at our year abroad preparation talks.  If you want to go somewhere but no-one else does, just go by yourself! Book a walking tour, stay in hostel to meet people there but it doesn’t matter because the main thing is you won’t have the regret that you didn’t go. People go off travelling all the time by themselves anyway!

I’ve decided I’m going to try and appreciate everything more too, because sometimes after a 9 hour day (that’s 40 a week guys!) you start to feel a bit blurgh and find yourself longing for the carefree life a student. But this is only for 7 months, half of which has already gone so when I’m feeling tired I just need to remind myself that I’m in Italy! And maybe go have an ice-cream or something because we all know ice-cream makes everything better (past experiences with my lovers Ben and Jerry).

I know I’m going to really appreciate my final year of Uni now too, having experienced what’s it like to have a full time job. It’s not just about having more free time and an excuse to be lazy, but also the fact that so many things are easier, compared to in the “real” world.  You are surrounded by hundreds of like minded people so it’s easier to meet people and make friends. 

There’s so much going on and so many things to get involved in, with new things to try that are often free or at least a lot cheaper than doing it outside of Uni. (I've decided I'm going to follow a long-standing passion and finally join the photography society when I go back).

Not to mention all the discounts...oh and the free overdraft.

Sometimes I wish I could be a fresher again and re-live all the craziness of the first week (well not quite all of it if you know what I mean). I always feel a little nostalgic seeing pictures other people's on facebook. 

 Those crazy days

Oh to be a student for the rest of my life! 

But I can't and the day will come when I have to graduate and it will be scary and I'll have to be a proper adult.

So I'm going to reaaaally try and make the most of still being a student - one that's currently 

having the most interesting experience of her life so far. 
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