Lake Garda, Sirmione

Ok, I know this was a while ago now (bad blogger) but never mind, this can be me reminiscing about Summer as Winter draws in, which up to literally 2 days ago seemed a while off yet as September has been rather warm and sunny. I would even say sunnier than the Summer (it was pretty miserable and rainy here). But then all of sudden it was actually cold, like... I need to wear a jumper cold!

I don't know what it's like in England at the moment, but I'm guessing it's not that hot over there either (at least I hope not, sorry!) so let me take you back to those Su--umerrrr niiii-iights. (You know like from Grease?).

August was the month of visitors, because after my sister came to stay (literally the week after) it was my boyfriend's turn to experience "la dolce vita".

I hadn't seem him for almost two months so I was very excited.

With both of us working (he's doing a placement in a bank in London, cool right?) it's kind of hard to sort out when we can see each other. I mean you can't just hop on a plane when you feel like it. And even if you are just going for the weekend, you still have to navigate days off because well, travelling takes time!

In my excitement that I was finally getting to spend some time with the guy I love, I jam packed the weekend with activities (maybe a little too much- I'm pretty sure my boyfriend came back more tired).

Our first stop on the agenda was Lake Garda, and specifically Sirmione, the tiny island just across from Desenzano.

I'd heard lots of things about Garda and Lucy said I just had to go to Sirmione. So we did.

Initially, I wanted to go early, make the most of the day you know? But mainly because the cheap regional trains were a bit sporadic. However, this involved an 8.25 train... from Milan, a good 40 minutes away. And when you factor in the unreliability of Italian public transport (delays, cancellations e.t.c) we would've had to get up ridiculously early. I'm talking like 6am here which, call me crazy, I was prepared to do

So glad my boyfriend down right refused to sacrifice his sleep.

We caught the train at lunchtime instead and were able to enjoy Garda actually feeling awake.

Which is better, because Lake Garda really is beautiful and deserves your full attention.

That's all the description it needs because I think the photos do all the talking.

But this was "just" Dezenzano.

After mulling around and the obligatory gelato we hopped on the ferry across to the Island itself.
Approaching the Island we knew we were in for something special.

Pretty little streets.

Clear blue (if slightly cold, but we will forget about that) water.

which we made sure we at least dipped our feet in...

VERY happy about the browness of my feet in this
And even a Fairytale castle.
With a real moat!

It's only 2 euros to go in and it's definitely worth it for the views when you climb to the top! (beware the stairs are pretty steep).

A little spot of paradise.

I fell in love.

And I soon forgot I was in northern Italy. It could've been the South of France.

Or Greece.

The sun beating down (and all those stairs in the castle) made us thirsty so we wandered to find somewhere reasonable for a drink.

We chanced upon this cute little place, wonderfully empty apart from a family of German tourists (too early to eat is anything before 8pm in Italy).

Pretty sure this Spritz only cost 3 euros, Get in!
We relaxed with our favorites, perfectly content with the lack of customers.

I had that holiday feeling.  (no living in Italy is not the same as staying for a week or two, trust me).

But sadly the time came to catch the ferry back to reality.

We watched hand in hand as Sirmione faded into the distance.

And couldn't resist a bit of Titanic...
This ferry was just asking for it really

A perfectly romantic ending.

(just forget about the part where it sinks and she hogs the wardrobe).

Disclaimer: boyfriend/girlfriend is not necessary to visit Garda or Sirmione; it will be incredibly beautiful all the same.


  1. Wow you sure have a fantastic time sightseeing, so where are you taking ME? Mum

    1. Oh , you actually read my blog, cool :)
      erm... I'll make a plan ;) and depends-what do you want to see?


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