Why I'm not so sad the Summer is over

My summer was a bit different this year. 

Instead of the long stretch of sunny days and freedom inbetween University I spent it in Italy, adapting to a new culture, trying to make friends and working full time nine to six, five days a week. 

Phew! Far from the relaxing, gentle summer I am used to. 

Two weeks after I came home from Uni I was already going off to Italy for 7 months. 

Pretty crazy huh?

Even crazier is that it's now September and Summer is officially over.

Usually I would be quite sad about this, lamenting its' passing like an old friend , having forgotton to truly appreciate the freedom from Uni and essays and exams. 

The familiar feelings of routine and rythm and commitments would soon begin to settle in and I'd feel the cycle beginning again. 

But this time, nothing feels like it's ended. There's none of that back to normality feeling, like when you come back from a holiday and you're plonked down into the real world again. 

I am continuing as I started and best of all, my adventures aren't over yet! 

I can't wait to find out what work has in store in the following months (hopefully some cool things will happen) and I can't wait to explore more of Italy, less crowded from pesky tourists and taking advantage of the cheaper, out of season travel.

I can't wait for the travel to other countries too, visiting my friends who have finally started their year abroads. I say finally because it feels like I've been alone on this adventure for far too long, having arrived in Milan on the exceedingly early date of the 25th of June (by year abroad standards anyway).

It's nice to know as well, that now I have people I can relate to, who are in the same boat, sailing on a choppy sea of uncertainty and culture shock. It's comforting to know I can discuss the important matters with people like why the hell does no-one put milk in their tea over here? (I tried adding milk to a cuppa using the cappuccino button on the office coffee machine...it didn't work.)

And, country specific this one: Italy is so much less frustrating after Summer. The shops re-open. the transport is more frequent and I can actually sign up for some fitness classes finally!

My sleepy town has woken up from it's summer hibernation and it's now a hive of activity with people as they go about their daily routines, stopping by the bar for an espresso before work or having a cheeky Spritz after the day is done. 

I've never been so glad to see September. And so far, weather-wise it's set to be a beautiful month and October too. 

I like Autumn anyway, I think maybe it's my faveorite (although don't hold me to that because then Christmas will come along...).

Pretty golden leaves, pretty golden sunlight that although not as strong, still envelopes you in a warm, comforting glow. 

Yes I'm rather looking forward to Autumn. 

So arrividerci Summer, it was nice having you. 

You'll be missed.

But this year...not that much.