Grand Prix Fever

This particular weekend of September was a little different from the rest.

This was the weekend that the Italian Grand Prix came to Monza!

I can't lie, I was secretly excited, because even though I have absoloutely zero interest in the sport (who wants to watch cars whizzing round the same track for 2 hours?) it was still pretty cool to think that it would be so close to me. mainly I was just excited about the fact the Lewis Hamilton would be there and had (slightly overly optimistic) dreams of bumping into him in the street. Of course, no such thing happened. I was gutted.

I did however get to hear the cars whizzing around the track, as conviniently I live right next to the park, the end which has the Autodromo (it's actually closer to Biassono than Monza but never mind).

Being right next to the action was tantalising because unfortunately I didn't have a ticket. Sadly I don't really have 100 euros to throw away on watching some cars racing round a track, no matter how cool it might be.

Although, I'm pretty sure I couldv'e seen it in real life If I had tried. I went on a run at the weekend and managed to get all the way up to the entrance, I just didn't want to go my usual route down the path that runs alongside the track because it was crowded with people and I was all sweaty and yucky in my running stuff. Half wished I'd just gone anyway.

Or I guess I could've tried what I saw people doing late on saturday night. As we were driving home after going out for a drink (4am- a crazy night with my Italian friends) we passed along the road that runs parallell to the park and saw sinister, black hooded figures scaling the wall.

They would be watching the Grand Prix for free on Sunday.

Now this wall isn't small, you can't just hop over it, in fact it looked pretty dangerous. Mustv'e been some desperate fans.

But it's just as well I didn't try any of these things (or by a ticket) because after half an hour of watching it on T.V I got bored! It was a cool moment though, seeing it on T.V and hearing it outside at the same time.

Despite not actually going, I still got to sample the atmosphere of the Grand Prix and it was AMAAAZING.

It started mid week when I past some signs on my cycle to work. Ooo I thought!

Then I spotted some people in Mercedes shirts at the restaurant during lunch. Ooo I thought again! (I was rather hoping Hamilton would pop in for a pizza too).

Then I started to notice the people.

OMG there are actually people in Biassono! And they're not even Italian! (when you live abroad anyone you hear speaking English immediately gets you excited for some reason).

And just like that the town came alive, buzzing with fans sporting Ferrari caps and blabbering away excitedly in languages I didn't recognize.

At the weekend, the narrow, windy streets in my town were jam packed with people, making their way down to the park to watch the race (it's quite a trek for those parking outside the park) or going to explore the events and stalls that had been set up in the square.

I joined them in the latter activity, determined to make the most of the whole thing, because without sounding dramatic or anything, this was a once in a lifetime thing! (unless I come back to live here which is highly unlikely).

It was crazy- there were so many people everywhere! and so much life! (If you ever visit Biassono you'll realize why this was such a big thing).

Restaurants had put tables outside for some al fresco dining, there were bars set up with beer on tap and of course some F1 cars.

admittedly I had to google who this was.
Randomly there was also this Bus, that said Bristol on it!!! (I go to Uni near there). I think it was a cocktail bar...

But it was playing really loud music and there was a crazy woman waving maraca thingys out the front so I was too scared to go and see what it was all about.
Said woman had probably taken this advice too far
And then I managed to catch a band, which were really good! The kind of good where you just end up smiling to yourself. I mean they played the Indiana Jones theme tune, how could you not!

And of course I had to sample the food while I was at it. This is a local delicacy known as a Fritella. A kind of donughty fried thing with nutella in the middle (nutella was optional but there was no way I was passing on that).

Totally unhealthy, but you know it's part of immersing myself in the culture right?  I ended up with half a bag of sugar in my lap.

And then suddenly it was all over. 

The race was won
(by Hamilton himself, woo!).

The people left.

And the stands were all packed up.

Biassono- it was fun but now you have to go back to your old sleepy self; just another town in the North of Italy.

Till next year eh?


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