Busy Busy Busy

I'm still here!

I realised the other day that I haven't posted anything in like two weeks...which is really bad! I don't want my blog to suffer the same fate as my Diary. You know, where you start with all the best intentions then somehow you don't seem to have the time to write in it and little by little the time slips away and the pages remain empty.

It's not because I've been lazy or that I haven't had anything interesting to say-I've just been really busy! So actually there is a LOT I want to say...but at the moment not really much time to do it.

I'm not complaining though, I like being busy and especially after what seemed like a slow start to my life here in Italy.

The past few weeks have flown by filled with all kinds of shenanigans, mostly involving strong Italian cocktails and eating a whole lotta food.

Last week my sister came to stay as I had the week off work due to the Italian holiday of Ferrogosto (Yay!). It was really great to catch up and show her where I've been living for the past couple of months (I've scarily almost hit the two month mark!). We managed to work around all the holiday closures (everything shuts down in August in Italy..well everything I wanted to go to anyway) and I still managed to show her a few of my faveourite haunts in Milan and some new ones.

More on that (plus pictures) when I have time to write my usual essay   :)

Then it was off to Rome for the weekend to visit my Nonna.

This is where the whole lotta food comes in. She's the most wonderful cook and I always go to Rome excited about what she's going to rustle up for us.

Even if you tell her "basta" (enough) she still puts more on your plate!

But I'll have to save that until later too because....

In just one day (and a bit) I will be reunited with my boyfriend!

I can't wait!

So I've been busy planning everything for that too (lake Garda, Venice anyone?) trying to get the best deals (always on the look out for deals me) so that it's actually affordable and only having only two days evenings to do it in after I got back on Sunday from Rome (11pm).

So life is pretty hectic at the moment, but in a good way!

But I'll have to post all about my adventures when I get back so hang on in there!