Prima di tutto

(Plenty more of these to come!)

So, I've decided it would be a good idea to start a blog- now that my life is slightly more interesting since I moved to Italy two weeks ago. Wow, two weeks already, time flies when you're having fun (and eating Pizza). I hope to recount my tales and experiences of this wonderful, yet at times, frustrating country through pictures (I like taking pictures and yes I am guilty of being a serial Instagram user) and hopefully interesting encounters- but I need to get used to this blogging malarky first. And if you stick around for long enough, you'll even get to hear about my adventures in Vienna in February (hence the reference to the alps in my blog title). But that's a long way off yet...

Despite my very first post containing a picture of none other than a Gelato, this is no way representative of my entire life in Italy. As much as I would like, I am not here just to eat ice-cream. I am here to work! I'm doing an internship with a company who produce heating cables. ahh interesting I hear you say. Well actually it kinda is, just don't ask me to explain it! 

Anyway will post soon about my first few days here which were interesting to say the least. Do the words il codice fiscale mean anything to you? No? good because hopefully you'll never have to get one. Therefore my next post may or may not involve a teeny bit of a rant about the Italian Beaurocratic system...but I'll try and restrain myself so I can post about all the other lovely things that have happened. 

Ciao for now...